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Automate your social listening

Replying to comments on reddit, Product Hunt, and Hacker News works well for driving traffic, but you constantly have to be on the lookup for threads and comments where you can jump in

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Define a keyword and set how you'd like to be alerted. We do the heavy lifting

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Get alerted via email & text when your keyword is mentioned, either immediately or as a summary


View statistics on your keywords, explore trends and timelines for every platform

What are the benefits of using ThreadRadar?

Do "things that don't scale" in a scalable way

Real-time monitoring

Google sometimes takes weeks to index threads. Jump in before the conversation has moved on

Automate discovery

Don't spend your time manually crawling through endless comment threads, let ThreadRadar do the work

Custom alerts

You decide how you want to be alerted - via email or text message, as it happens, or as a summary every x hours

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